Don't Fall Prey to Scare Tactics: Finding a Mold Company You Can Trust
Category: News , News and Updates • February 1, 2023

According to a study conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air. This is especially true in homes that have poor ventilation or a lot of moisture, which can lead to the growth of mold and other bacteria.

Many companies offering mold inspection services will pressure customers into hiring them by using scare tactics. But you don’t have to be afraid of mold — there are plenty of reputable companies out there that can help you identify it and develop a plan to get rid of it safely and effectively.

Here’s what you need to know about finding a mold company you can trust:

How to Identify Scare Tactics

When looking for mold inspection services, keep an eye out for pressure tactics. For example, many companies may avoid giving you a direct “yes” or “no” answer to your questions as they are trying to convince you that their services are necessary.

Additionally, they may give you more information than needed in order to overwhelm you and invoke fear. If they keep talking and provide you with few opportunities to ask questions of your own, this may be a red flag.

They might even provide you with worst-case scenarios to further stress the importance of taking immediate action — be it through over-exaggerations or an attempt to capitalize on your health concerns.

Learning to identify these scare tactics is the best way to avoid being taken advantage of by companies offering mold inspection services.

Myths and Facts About Mold Growth in Your Home

Mold growth in the home is an issue that many homeowners take seriously, and with good reason. Unfortunately, myth-based fearmongering can often lead one to come to inaccurate conclusions about the reality of mold growth in a household.

It’s a myth, for example, that it is necessary to know the type of mold present in order to determine if it is dangerous or not; all molds are potentially harmful and need to be addressed regardless of type.

You also do not need to know the specific type of mold in order to have a remediation job completed. Thus, having a mold sample taken and tested is not the most important aspect of an inspection.

Likewise, there is no truth to the myth that mold can spread across 3,000 square feet within 48 hours; while molds can grow quickly given the right conditions, they continue to do so at a steady rate over time.

Overall, knowing the facts about mold growth can help you protect yourself from the risks!

Why Luce Air Quality is the Business to Trust

Your indoor environment is important, so don’t trust it to just anyone. Instead, trust a company like Luce Air Quality — your locally-owned indoor environmental experts — that will provide you with honest and transparent answers in addition to credible licenses and credentials.

In fact, proper certification is paramount, which is why both Dave and Shannon Luce are qualified industrial hygienists according to Florida law — so you can be sure all Luce Air Quality projects are overseen, reviewed, and approved by them!

Put simply, some companies use scare tactics to pressure customers into hiring them for mold inspection and remediation services. These techniques may include spreading false information about the health hazards of mold or exaggerating the extent of the damage.

But the Luce Air Quality team wants customers to make informed decisions about their homes and businesses.

That’s why we only provide accurate information about mold growth and its potential effects on your indoor air quality. If you suspect you have a mold problem, don’t wait to get help. Contact us today at 904-803-1014 to schedule your mold inspection!