What We Do
Mold Investigations
Mold isn’t always visible, and knowing what signs to look for can be tricky for some home...
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Asbestos Surveys
No matter the age of your property, the risk of asbestos exposure remains. That’s why...
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Water Damage
From flooding to leaks and sewage backups, your home or business should never be left...
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Healthy Building Checkup
Just as you never want to skip your annual physicals or dental screenings, your...
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LAQ Other Certified Services
Our team specializes in a wide range of environmental diagnostic services for your property’s...
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About Us
Florida'S Expert Indoor Environmental Professionals
Decades of experience in the restoration and remediation industry
Luce Air Quality has developed a team oriented approach to a broad range of high quality environmental and industrial hygiene services. Luce Air Quality has a proven commitment to provide exceptional technical expertise, customer service, competitive pricing, and the highest levels of professional integrity.
Why Choose Luce Air Quality
We believe in providing you with solutions you can trust
On site results for mold assessments.
Licensed and certified mold assessors.
Decades of experience in residential and commercial testing.
From Our Clients
Todd C.
We used David Luce and Luce Air Quality on highly visible project for the US Gov't. David's performance was outstanding and we will certainly use his services moving forward.
Jennifer R.
I cannot begin to say how wonderful and professional Dave and his company is at Luce Air Quality! They are very thorough, considerate of the needs of the homeowner or tenants and professional
Ashley B.
Had an amazing experience with Luce Environmental Testing Services. Dave Luce came from over an hour away and ended up telling me he wasn’t going to waste my money.
Sean M.
A very professional company to work with and well priced services, I highly recommend using them!!
Mark W.
David Luce has a long background in water restoration and indoor air quality. He is highly respected in the community of restorers.
Meghan M.
Very informative, thorough and professional!
Robert K.
When we have clients with air quality needs in Florida we send them to Luce Air Quality. They are extremely professional at handling our clients needs and are one of the most knowledgeable IAQ.
Susan W.
Excellent company that provided excellent service. The owners are pleasant, extremely professional and knowledgeable. I was able to get an appointment quickly and that was helpful.
Troy L.
The guys from Luce air quality were extremely professional and informative! They were very patient in addressing all of my concerns/questions and even provided next day test results
Brian S.
Dave & Company at Luce Air Quality are a pleasure to do business with for multiple reasons, including their professionalism, punctuality, attention to detail in all they do, and much more.
Mason M.
Very easy man to work with, he's informative, thorough with his work and a honest worker. Will recommend him to anyone who needs one an air quality test!
Eddie D.
True professionalism, as a remediation specialist the very easy to follow protocols are above all I've seen. Dave is extremely knowledgeable and very willing to share his knowledge with customers.
Ashley S.
We highly recommend Dave Luce and his company Luce Air Quality for your home inspection and air quality testing needs. Dave is extremely professional, goes above and beyond for his clients.
Kim B.
Dave, owner of Luce Air Quality, inspected a home that my husband and I were putting an offer on and were concerned about parts of it. Dave was a total professional and also saved us THOUSANDS of doll.
Ismael B.
Excellent company to work with! They were very professional throughout the entire process, ready to pick up our phone calls at any time, they were very patient by answering many repetitive and annoying questions.
Kyley H.
Excellent! After coming home to find water damage, Luce Air Quality was the first company I called. Not only did they go out of their way to come inspect at later hours of the night.
Our Blog
LAQ News and Updates
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