Continuing education is integral in life, both to us as indoor environmental experts as well as to you: a property owner! That’s why we’re here to empower you with educational resources that you can always revisit at your convenience.

Mold Glossary

While there are thousands of different mold strains to be found out in the world, some strains are more commonly occurring in commercial and residential properties than others. Check out our mold glossary below to learn more about the molds we most frequently identify in our customers’ properties, including each mold strain’s appearance, location of growth, and more.

Alternaria Video Torula-Like Video Stachybotrys Video Rusts Video
PestalotiaVideo Penicillium Video Nigrospora Video Myxomycetes Video
Fusarium Video Epicoccus Video Curvularia Video Cladosporium Video
Chaetomium Video Basidiospores Video Aspergillus Video Ascospores Video

Asbestos Glossary

You may know that asbestos is both hazardous and commonly used in construction, but did you know there are six different asbestos varieties that you might come across? To learn more about each type — such as what manufacturing products they’re used in — check out our newest asbestos glossary below. Please click here for our Asbestos Fact Sheet.

Tremolite Video Crocidolite Video Chrysolite Video
Anthophyllite Video Amosite Video Actinolite Video


Knowledge is power. And though we’re always happy to answers your questions regarding mold and its impact on both you and your property, we also encourage our clients to do their own research when they are able.

If you are interested in learning more about mold prevention, solutions, and remediation on your own time, we recommend checking out the below resources:

The American Industrial Hygiene Association
The Centers for Disease Control
The Environmental Protection Agency
The Florida Department of Health

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