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Our team specializes in a wide range of environmental diagnostic services for your property’s indoor air quality, thereby keeping you informed every step of the way.
Expert Evaluations, Certified Solutions, Reliable Results
The quality of your indoor environment has resounding impacts on your health. Thus, if you have concerns that there may be contaminants that are adversely impacting your well-being, it’s time to reach out to your locally-trusted indoor environmental experts.

Specifically, Luce Air Quality specializes in the evaluation and investigation of typical indoor air quality concerns that can originate from …

  • Poor indoor ventilation

  • Air contaminants

  • Odors

  • Moisture and wetness

  • Thermal conditions

  • Fungus (mold) and bacteria contamination

But our capabilities do not start and end with mold, water damage, and VOCs. Our team is uniquely diversified in knowledge, skill, and services, meaning we also offer:

  • Silica Testing & Monitoring

  • Carbon Dioxide Monitoring

  • Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

  • PM2.5 & PM10 Monitoring

  • Allergen Sampling

  • Dust Sampling

Why Call Luce Air Quality?
Clients can trust that our on-site project managers and field technicians are highly disciplined, as our team consists of individuals who uphold the highest and most professional standards of excellence in the restoration and remediation industry. From environmental consulting to project management, sampling services, remediation recommendations, and more, our team is specially trained to reduce your environmental risk and safely put you back in control of your property.
We believe in providing you with solutions you can trust. That’s why we…
  • Are locally owned and operated
  • Are certified and registered mold inspectors
  • Feature more than a decade’s worth of experience in the restoration and remediation industry
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