When Rain Comes Knocking On Your Door: 3 Common Questions About Entryway Water Damage

Category: News • May 27, 2021

As we march steadily back into the hot and humid season of summer, we Floridians know it’s time to begin preparing for the annual onslaught of tropical systems. What’s more, this year we may need to prepare even earlier than usual. According to the Weather Channel, “the past six [hurricane] seasons have each gotten off to an early start,” and...


Don’t Duck Away From Your Responsibilities: Air Quality & Your Air Ducts

Category: News • May 7, 2021

Oftentimes, it’s the elements that are right in front of our eyes that garner the most attention. From dirty dishes to mold on your ceiling vents or water spots on the walls, what you can see is, simply put, what you usually tackle first. So, at what point do you look inward (well, deeper inside of your property, that is)?...


Reopening and Reoccupying: Your Post-COVID-19 Checklist For A Healthy Building

Category: News and Updates • April 26, 2021

Between the distribution of vaccines, the slowly declining infection rate of COVID-19, and a general sense of positivity within the community, we’re grateful to say it appears as though we may be reaching the once-distant light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. And what that might mean for you? A return to your place of work. But particularly if...


Reacting to Rental Mold: What Are Your Options As A Tenant?

Category: News and Updates • April 5, 2021

Come time to sign your lease and move into your new home, apartment, or other rental property, it goes without saying that you only hope for the best. So, what happens when you move in and the conditions are, well, less than ideal? If you find lingering mold and mildew within the hidden crevices of your new unit, it’s important...


The Top 10 Places Mold May Be Hiding In Your Property

Category: News and Updates • March 24, 2021

So, it’s time to say hello to spring cleaning! Yes… again. And while you get ready to once more pull out the disinfectant wipes, re-organize your drawers, and clean out the fridge, we’re going to cut to the chase: Don’t forget to search for hidden mold while you’re tackling the house from floor to ceiling! Specifically, here’s where you may...