Answering Your Top 3 Questions: Mitigating Mesothelioma by Avoiding Asbestos

Category: News and Updates,Uncategorized • August 26, 2022

Take a deep breath. Whatever it is that is on your mind, you can always breathe through it. The only question, however, is this: Is that breath of air actually healthy? Be it the quality of the air itself or the health of your lungs, you may have questions about the quality of breath you’re taking, particularly when mesothelioma concerns...


Say “No” to Home Mold Testing/Sampling Kits

Category: News,News and Updates • August 19, 2022

When you identify a problem, you take the steps to remedy it. And we respect that. But not all of the solutions that seem both immediately accessible and affordable are necessarily going to provide you with the answers you want or the solutions you desire — as is the case with DIY mold kits for your home. Here’s why: Is...


Capturing Your Concerns: Can Mold Cause Cancer?

Category: News,News and Updates • August 12, 2022

The threat of mold exposure looms over your head — literally. From your attic and air vents to beneath your carpet or between your tile grout, mold can grow just about anywhere in your house, meaning you may feel concerned from top to bottom. And though you know it is not healthy to let mold linger, you may ultimately be...


Luce Air Quality: Living Our Mission Statement

Category: Uncategorized • July 14, 2022

Here at Luce Air Quality, our mission is simple but powerful. Simply put: Our mission is to serve as trusted, expert advisors to promote safe indoor environments and safe working conditions through the application of scientific principles. In other words, we remain resolute with regard to making a positive impact on the residents, owners, and managers of both residential and...


Does My Commercial Building Have Asbestos?

Category: News,News and Updates • June 12, 2022

When you own a commercial property, you have more to be concerned about than just when you’ll receive money from tenants or when you’ll pay your employees. Rather, you need to remain committed to everyone’s health and safety. Particularly if you’re undergoing a renovation, repairing damage, or even preparing to put the building itself on the market, you need to...