Lead Inspections

Lead Inspections and Risk Assessments

An imperfect coat of paint on your walls may be more than a problem of aesthetic perfection. In fact, under the right circumstances, it may pave the way for lead poisoning, meaning it needs more immediate attention.

When and Why Should You Look Into Lead Services?

Buildings that were constructed prior to 1978 oftentimes contain lead-based paints, thereby posing a health hazard in events where the paint is disturbed and emits airborne dust. This may also include instances wherein the paint is chipped or peeling, as pets and small children may unwittingly ingest the lead-based paint.


Overall, it is essential that property owners and managers do their due diligence should they suspect that lead is present — regardless of whether it is a residential or commercial property.


Additionally, you’ll want to schedule a lead survey if you are undergoing…

  • A residential real estate transaction
  • A commercial real estate transaction
  • A demolition
  • A renovation
  • And more
What Lead-Based Services Does Luce Air Quality Offer?

Our team offers expert lead surveys that will provide you with rapid reports and actionable recommendations. The specific service that is best suited to your property depends on the context.


Specifically, we offer:

  • Lead Surveys — Lead surveys involve a surface-by-surface inspection for the presence of lead-based paint. This process may involve XRF testing, paint chip testing, and/or dust depending on what is necessary.


  • Risk Assessments — A lead risk assessment is a process by which we will thoroughly investigate a property on-site to determine if lead is present and, if so, where it is located and how severe the case is. It may involve an inspection of paint, dust, water, and/or soil.


  • Clearance Inspections — Lead clearance testing is performed after the completion of lead-related abatement. It involves both visual and quantitative methods for evaluating whether the effort to control the presence of lead was completed successfully
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