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From flooding to leaks and sewage backups, your home or business should never be left alone in the wake of a water-related crisis, particularly as it can cause damage to both your property and your health.

Category: • February 17, 2021

Our Water Damage Assessment Process

Following water damage or water loss on your property, our team will first begin by conducting a thorough structural investigation. Our process is designed to identify visible signs of water damage, wet building materials, elevated humidity, and other conditions caused directly by water intrusion.

Subsequently, we will take this opportunity to determine whether or not further attention is required in terms of on-site contamination. If we suspect there is a heightened exposure risk to your property’s inhabitants, we will recommend mold and bacteria testing, the likes of which can also be expertly and expediently conducted by our licensed team.

Finally, within 48 hours of our investigation, we will provide you with a detailed report summarizing our findings, categorization, causation, recommendations, and a water damage restoration protocol.

The recommended protocol is a step-by-step remediation plan, complete with a visual aid floor plan. This protocol will explain what work needs to occur to get the areas cleaned up and remediated properly.

Securing Your Safety
Water damage is not only a detriment to the structural integrity of your property, but it can pose a serious health hazard to the residents of your home or commercial property. That’s why the Luce Air Quality team doesn’t only provide water damage assessments — we offer additional services aimed at securing your safety and streamlining your recovery process:
Bacteria Testing
Bacteria testing is used to assess what health risks may be present as a result of water damage. Our tests are designed to identify the types of pathogens and bacteria that are present, as different contaminants may cause various physical symptoms and diseases if not addressed properly. Our licensed team members will take a combination of on-site bacteria samples – air, wipe, and bulk samples – and will offer complete data analysis and interpretation of the cultured samples taken from all areas affected by the contaminated water. These results take us approximately 72 hours to complete. Finally, we will develop recommendations for your property’s remediation according to the standards set by the IICRC S500 Standard for Water Damaged Restoration prior to reconstruction.
Post-Remediation Verification
Once your property has been remediated for water damage, our team can perform a post-remediation verification investigation to ensure that your home or business has successfully returned to safe occupancy conditions. This investigation is designed to confirm that your remediation company has properly dried and sanitized your property, thereby preventing any adverse health risks. This final investigation may also include a mold and/or bacteria test.
Why Call Luce Air Quality?
Our team is not only focused on providing the highest caliber of indoor environmental consulting — we proudly provide innovative project management, expert sampling services, and trusted remediation recommendations built on a foundation of knowledge. By providing services that are designed to control and reduce potential environmental risk, we can help you to foster a home or business environment that is as safe as possible for your employees and/or loved ones.
Category: • February 17, 2021

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