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Mold Investigations
A properly performed mold investigation can save you both time and money, particularly when a follow-up mold test may not even be necessary. Not only will our investigations tell you whether or not you need mold testing, but you will also be provided with a same-day comprehensive report on the findings of your property.
Water Damage Investigations
Water intrusion isn’t only a hazard to your property, but to the overall health of the building’s inhabitants. Whether you’re dealing with the contamination of your home or business, severe flooding, sewage backup, or leaking sewer pipes or septic tanks, these all require a professional touch to mitigate negative health impacts.
Asbestos Surveys
As asbestos is found in residential and commercial properties today — and is liable to degrade and become airborne with both age and disturbance — one may never know whether or not they are at risk for inhaling this toxic substance. Our team will survey your property to detect, identify, test, and report asbestos presence, as well as provide you with a reliable action plan.
Healthy Building Check-Up
The need for peace of mind never ends, which is why we offer clients the ability to enroll in semi-annual or annual healthy building check-ups with our team. During this process, we survey your building(s) for potential maintenance issues, dampness, and mold growth. We also provide you with actionable recommendations for maintenance or remediation depending on our findings.
Other Services
From carbon monoxide and dioxide monitoring to allergen sampling and more, we understand that there is no shortage of ways that we can help you optimize your indoor air quality. Our capabilities do not start and end with mold, water damage, and asbestos, so please do not hesitate to ask us about what other services we can perform on-site for your property.
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