Asbestos 101: A Survey Timeline
Category: News and Updates , • May 23, 2023

Do you suspect that your home could contain traces of asbestos? Asbestos can have a disastrous effect on both your and your loved ones’ health, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home or workplace is safe from asbestos is invaluable!

That’s why our team of indoor air experts at Luce Air Quality is committed to providing comprehensive asbestos surveys so you can be absolutely sure your environment is free from this dangerous material.

The Implications of Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos fibers can be released into the air when asbestos-containing materials are disturbed — whether that be through remodeling, product use, or home repairs. And, the greater the exposure to asbestos is, the greater the health risks associated with it become.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, three of the major health effects associated with asbestos exposure are:

  • Lung cancer (risk increased if you identify as a smoker)
  • Mesothelioma — a rare form of cancer that is found in the thin lining of the lung, chest, abdomen, and heart.
  • Asbestosis — a serious progressive, long-term, non-cancerous disease of the lungs.

What is An Asbestos Survey & How Long Will it Take?

If you suspect that your home could contain traces of asbestos, this is where the professionals come in! During an asbestos survey, our team of professionals will meticulously inspect your home to determine the exact location of the asbestos, as well as conduct testing that complies with regional regulations and standards.

Once this phase of the survey is complete, our team will provide a detailed report to you. Although we can’t conduct the actual removal process, if you please, we can come back after it’s been removed to ensure that it’s completely remediated!

The timeline for an asbestos survey is dependent upon the size of your home or building, as well as the amount of asbestos present. Usually, the survey can be done within one business day!

How Luce Air Quality Can Help

If you suspect your home may contain traces of asbestos, Luce Air Quality is here to help! With our thorough investigative services, including our healthy building checkups, you can rest assured that our team of certified indoor environmental experts will solve all of your air quality problems.

If you’re ready to take the next step in protecting your home and your loved ones from asbestos exposure or have any questions, contact the Luce Air Quality team today or call 904-803-1014!