LAQ FIRE: Fire Impact & Residues Evaluation
Category: News and Updates , • February 27, 2024

After a fire, quickly unraveling both the cause and the full extent of damage, along with ensuring the safety of indoor air quality, becomes paramount. Our newly introduced fire investigation services, or FIRE, rise to meet these challenges head-on! 


Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we meticulously assess fire damage and conduct thorough indoor air quality tests. This ensures a comprehensive understanding of the event and guarantees that environments are secure for reoccupation. 


What Exactly is LAQ FIRE?


LAQ’s FIRE report serves as a cornerstone for informed decision-making, instilling confidence in the abatement process, and contributes to the overall safety and well-being of the building’s occupants! 


An LAQ FIRE has two main components: 


  • Evaluate the extent of damage assessment to determine where the smoke traveled and identify exposure concerns. 
  • Create a smoke abatement protocol to determine which building materials are salvageable. 


Evaluating the extent of damage includes using various tools dependent upon the situation! After a thorough site inspection, sampling may be necessary for various reasons. While the inspection identifies visibly damaged areas, sampling may reveal hidden pathways for smoke damage.


LAQ’s FIRE includes many different sampling strategies to answer these questions. Sample strategies may include: 


  • Surface sampling 
  • Air sampling 
  • Corrosivity testing 
  • And more! 


A comprehensive Smoke Abatement Protocol (SAP) is included whenever building material removal is recommended. The SAP offers a well-defined roadmap for the building owner, contractor(s), and insurance adjuster(s), outlining the scope of work for the building! 


Ensure the Safety of Buildings With LAQ FIRE


Fire investigations are indispensable in fully understanding the extent of damage caused by a fire! They lay the groundwork for effective remediation by pinpointing the areas that require urgent attention and ensuring that the restoration efforts are as thorough and efficient as possible. By identifying the specifics of the damage and the potential hazards to indoor air quality, these investigations provide a clear path toward making spaces safe and habitable once again! 


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