Qualifications and Credentials: Let’s Talk Licensing & Natural Disasters
Category: News and Updates , • October 3, 2022

Following the passing of Hurricane Ian, you may be in the midst of increased work volume. But while more business means more opportunities to help your community, we do also want to remind you that it may inadvertently create more opportunities for mistakes as well.

Namely, you do not want to accidentally overlook an assessor’s credentials while you organize your team and projects.

So, before you hire an industrial hygiene firm to do your inspections, testing, and consulting, take a look at our below tips — because the last thing you want is to be fined for hiring an unlicensed company, thereby damaging your business’s reputation.

Mindful of Mold Licenses

Mold is particularly liable to grow after a hurricane, as water damage mixed with exposed debris will foster the ideal environment for spores across a vast area.

And, as remediators cannot both assess and clean the site, you will need to find a qualified assessor to survey the scene first.

If you’re looking for a reliable mold assessor, be sure to look for a professional who carries a mold assessor’s license through the state of Florida. And remember, it’s not just the business.

The individual performing the assessment must be licensed

Additionally, the license must be issued by the State of Florida. Similar licenses that are bestowed by other states do not qualify for your situation.

Mold credentials in Florida can be verified HERE.

Looking for Lead Licenses

Natural disasters are apt to peel back and destroy wall paint, the likes of which may contain a lead base. Even small chips of this paint may cause lead poisoning when ingested.

If you suspect you may need a lead investigation, check that the person or business you are hiring — as well as the individual performing the service — is licensed by the EPA for lead-based paint.

Lead credentials can be verified through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) HERE.

Always Ask for Asbestos Licenses

Asbestos is never to be taken lightly and may be lurking in a wide variety of construction materials. Thus, it is far more likely to become exposed when a property is wrecked by a hurricane.

Before any damaged material is moved, you should invest in a reliable asbestos assessment.

In order to conduct asbestos surveys in the state of Florida, the one you hire must be…

  1. A licensed asbestos consultant


  1. Under the direct supervision of a licensed asbestos consultant AND have their business licensed as an asbestos business with that licensed asbestos consultant registered as a qualifying agent for your company.

Again, this license must be issued by the State of Florida. Similar licenses issued by other states do not qualify.

Asbestos credentials in Florida can be verified HERE.

Don’t Ignore Industrial Hygiene

According to Florida State Statute, not just anyone can call themselves an industrial hygienist. They must undergo the proper studies and training, so be sure to ask for the credentials of the business you are interested in.

For example, both Dave and Shannon Luce are qualified industrial hygienists in accordance with Florida law. All Luce Air Quality projects are overseen, reviewed, and approved by them.

Additionally, the entire Luce Air Quality team is licensed to perform all of the above services, from mold to asbestos, lead, and more!

Be it this hurricane season or the next — or another disaster altogether — Luce Air Quality remains your lally trusted team of indoor environmental experts. Ready to learn more? Contact us today at 904-803-1014! We look forward to helping you weather the storm and breathe a healthy sigh of relief.

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