Testing the Limits of Your Property: When to Invest in An Asbestos Test
Category: News and Updates , • October 10, 2021

When you’re looking to keep your home as clean and safe as possible for your friends and family, your thoughts may first land on the matter of mold and airborne contamination — and rightly so.

But, continuing on in the world of indoor air quality, how often have you stopped to consider whether or not an asbestos test might be warranted?

After all, not all nefarious materials reside on the surfaces throughout your property; rather, some may lay underneath. And when it comes to digging deeper, asbestos is well worth your attention.

Here’s when you should consider scheduling a test of your own:

Asbestos & Home Age

When determining whether or not it may be worth it to invest in an asbestos investigation, you’ll want first and foremost to reflect upon the age of your home.

Why? Because asbestos was a prominent construction material in home and commercial buildings that were erected prior to the 1980s.

“Asbestos use has declined significantly since the late 1970s, when the U.S. banned spray-on asbestos and several other uses,” the Mesothelioma Center reports. “However, many older homes still contain asbestos.”

That being said, remember that asbestos is not completely banned and may still be present in more modern homes.

Rallying For Repairs

Age aside, when repair work takes center stage, asbestos exposure may remain a prominent concern.

For example, if a hurricane causes flooding or structural damage to your property, it may have exposed friable asbestos fibers that were previously embedded within the walls and insulation itself.

Thus, we encourage you to undergo an asbestos assessment as well as seek professional aid with the necessary repairs.

“Major repairs must be done only by a professional trained in methods for safely handling asbestos,” according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). “Minor repairs should also be done by professionals since there is always a risk of exposure to fibers when asbestos is disturbed.”

The Risk Of Renovation

Similar to repairs, renovations pose the risk of exposing asbestos that might not be disturbed otherwise.

Particularly if you are knocking down a wall, replacing your insulation, or overhauling your attic, you’ll want to have an asbestos investigation performed prior to beginning the project. This way, you can embark on your home renewal fully aware of what the job may entail.

Also, be sure to review any applicable regulations before you start.

“Federal regulations regarding renovations or demolitions of asbestos-containing materials

do not apply to a homeowner’s renovation of their home,” as explained by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). “State or local regulations may be applicable if the siding or roofing materials do contain asbestos. Contact your state regulatory agency or local government building department about such requirements.”

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