Understanding The Industry Standard of Mold Assessments
Category: News and Updates , • February 27, 2020

Mold assessments are a cornerstone in ensuring optimal indoor air quality, particularly for Florida homes that are susceptible to increased humidity and moisture levels.

But how do you know if your mold inspection is as thorough as it should be? And how do you know if your hired assessor is completing their search to the best of their ability?

The answer is simple: You find one who adheres to the industry standard.

What Is The Industry Standard?

ASTM D7338 is much more than an alpha-numerical jumble of jargon to those who work in the mold industry — it’s the newest standard that raised the bar for professional mold assessments and inspections, and even caused enough controversy among practitioners during its inception that the earliest drafts were completely scrapped and rebuilt from the ground up.

In short, ASTM D7338 is a mold inspection and assessment guide originally approved in 2010 and published in 2014.

The official industry-wide playbook for mold growth and assessment in buildings, this standardized guide outlines policies, procedures, and overall best scientific practices for professionals to adhere to as they go about their work.

What Does It Mean To Work To The Industry Standard?

Just because ASTM D7338 is renowned in the industry does not mean everyday customers seeking mold help know what it means for their inspector to be in compliance with it.

So, in layman’s terms, how might one explain it?

“Some of it is common sense,” said Lisa Rogers, who sat on the ASTM subcommittee that helped to develop the guide. “Many people are already performing these basic principles in their everyday practices. I wouldn’t say any of this is rocket science or new, but what it does say is that it prevents you from maybe skipping some steps.”

In other words, working to the industry-standard means completing a mold assessment safely, scientifically, and without cutting any corners.

Finding An Inspector With Respect For The Standard

Many professionals are not familiar with ASTM D7338. The key to picking the right one for your home is ensuring that your chosen inspector respects and adheres to the guide. We recommend asking an inspector if they are familiar with the ASTM D7338.

And that’s where Luce Air Quality comes in.

We are your local team of expert mold professionals and assessors who will conduct a thorough mold investigation according to industry standards, so you know we are always conducting comprehensive searches for optimal results.

If you have further questions or believe you may have mold or fungal growth in your home, don’t wait! Contact Luce Air Quality today by calling 904-803-1014! We look forward to providing you with trusted solutions.