Why Home Inspectors Should Not Test For Mold
Category: News and Updates , • December 7, 2023

When it comes to ensuring the safety and well-being of our homes, few concerns weigh as heavily on our minds as indoor air quality. Mold, in particular, is a topic that often raises red flags for homeowners. Its potential health hazards and property damage make mold inspections a common practice during home inspections! 

However, home inspectors should not test for mold. While it may sound controversial, delving into the reasons behind this argument reveals a more nuanced approach to addressing mold issues in residential spaces. Let’s uncover the rationale behind this stance and why alternative solutions might offer better outcomes for both homeowners and home inspectors alike! 

Why You Should Avoid Home Inspector Mold Tests 

Home inspectors will sometimes offer mold and asbestos testing services, as well as other environmental services. But it’s incredibly important to note that the certifications held by home inspectors for these services are only through online training providers. Oftentimes, these online providers only cater towards home inspectors to gain more revenue! 

Despite Florida law requiring it, home inspectors most likely do not possess a proper license in these disciplines. Comparatively, professionals that have an actual license to carry out mold assessments and asbestos surveys are held to significantly higher standards, including extensive education, experience, background checks, and more! 

The differences between a Luce Air Quality mold assessment and a home inspector’s testing is that a home inspector will fail to: 

  • Locate the areas with mold 
  • Determine causation 
  • Determine remedial actions to correct the mold problem 
  • Take an appropriate number of samples, including determining the appropriate location of samples, sampling flow rate, sample collection time, and more 

An important note is that home inspectors also lack training in how to avoid taking a “bad” sample and how to interpret the results of mold assessments! 

In the end, for home inspectors, mold assessment services are simply an up-sell or money grab. Air samples alone do not provide any value. 

Trust in Professionals for Mold Assessments 

In the pursuit of a safe and healthy living environment, it’s essential to remember that mold assessments are a job for professionals, not home inspectors. While home inspectors play a vital role in evaluating various aspects of a property, mold assessment demands specialized knowledge, tools, and expertise! Relying on a certified mold inspector ensures a comprehensive evaluation, accurate results, and appropriate remediation measures if needed. 

If you’re looking for a team of professionals to conduct a mold assessment in your home or have any questions, contact the Luce Air Quality team today or call 904-803-1014

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