3 Factors Contributing to Winter Mold Growth

Category: News,News and Updates • December 6, 2022

Winter brings relief. Relief from the constant Florida heat, relief from constant work during holiday breaks, and relief afforded by the end of another year. But… does it provide relief from mold growth? Well, not quite. In fact, mold only needs the three following things to keep growing throughout the Florida winter: #1 — Moisture So long as adequate moisture...


A Leading Cause of Concern and Contamination: Lead

Category: News,News and Updates • December 3, 2022

We’ve spoken at length about the dangers posed by two of the most common household contaminants, mold and asbestos, but we have yet to dive into the deep waters of hazardous lead. That’s why we wanted to take a moment to address this particular material. With extensive exposure typically detected through blood testing methods, lead poses a health hazard to...


Mold Inspection 101: What They Are, When to Schedule One

Category: News,News and Updates • November 24, 2022

Little spores can quickly grow into a large problem as they negatively affect your health, eat away at surfaces within your home, and spread faster than you anticipate. Mold inspections, thankfully, help you to take back control of the situation by empowering you with knowledge. And if you’re wondering about the general ins and outs of this particular service, we’re...


Purchasing a New Property? Don’t Forget About Asbestos.

Category: News,News and Updates • November 7, 2022

When you’re scouring the market for a new property, it’s important to remain as informed as possible every step of the way. And that means you need to be in the know about asbestos, too. But how will you know if a prior asbestos survey has been conducted within your property of choice? Ideally, if the property is in Florida,...


Understanding the WHO Fungal Priority Pathogens List (FPPL)

Category: News,News and Updates • October 29, 2022

In 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) identified a worldwide lack of acknowledgment or coordination with regard to fungal diseases. This is concerning as infectious fungal diseases, or IFD, have been steadily increasing in prevalence. This phenomenon is the product of rising antibiotic resistance as well as an increase in the overall immunocompromised population. Additionally, over the last two years,...