Getting Down and Dusty: How The Little Things Can Make A Big Difference

Category: Uncategorized • January 7, 2021

It creates a thin, hazy film on your long-neglected shelves and home decor, floats virtually unseen throughout any space you may walk through, and is one of the most persistent and common irritants to be found. Simply put, dust is all but inescapable. How, then, are you to cut down on the seemingly endless volume of particles in your home...


A Question of Causation: Sick Building Syndrome

Category: News and Updates • December 18, 2020

Did you know that indoor air quality problems cost the U.S. economy approximately $168 billion annually, as reported by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA)? And while that tidbit may be concerning in and of itself, it only begs the question — what is the source of such financial strain on the individual property owner on such a regular...


Home for the Holidays: Filtration, Fine Particles, and Your Fireplace

Category: News and Updates • December 7, 2020

The first moment you get to light up your fireplace with your family is often a tender one (or should we say a tinder one?). After all, the lighting of the fireplace often signals the official start of the winter and, thus, the holiday season. But as heartwarming as evenings around the fireplace may be, have you ever given much...


The Unseen and Unwanted Passenger: In-Car Air Pollution

Category: Uncategorized • November 20, 2020

Your car likely absorbs a fair amount of your attention. From washing the exterior to checking brake pads, finding out why the check engine light is on again, or simply gassing up, we all spend plenty of time in and around our cars. But how much attention do we pay to the air that’s inside of there? Particularly if you...


Blood, Sweat, and … Bacteria?: The Importance of Sanitizing Your Home Gym

Category: Uncategorized • November 7, 2020

Your home gym may have helped you stay sane while quarantined. After all, with limited ability to move around or interact with others, working out is proven to be an efficient and effective means of working off extra energy. Then again, maybe it didn’t quite suit your fancy. In any case, regardless of whether you actually step foot into your...

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