Mold Assessments vs. Mold Testing: What’s Better?

Category: News and Updates • February 11, 2020

When it comes time to tackle the potential presence of mold in your home, you may not know what specifically to research or which companies to call. This is because the mold process often involves two separate steps that can be conflated and misconstrued as the same thing: mold assessment and mold testing. You may find yourself wondering, “What is...


When You Should Test For Mold

Category: News and Updates • January 24, 2020

Feeling uneasy about the overall air quality of your home is understandable when you suspect there may be mold growing somewhere in the recesses of your property. Not knowing the current status of your home is frightening, which is why it is so important to find answers and feel empowered enough to take your health back into your own hands....


How Household Air Pollution Can Lead to Childhood Pneumonia

Category: News and Updates • January 10, 2020

Indoor air quality should, of course, be a concern for everyone. But those who reside in homes with children should be especially careful to attend to their air quality, as children are often far more susceptible than adults to respiratory complications. In fact, in 2017, Save the Children — an organization dedicated to protecting and improving the lives of children...


HVAC Contaminants That Could Affect Your Air Quality

Category: News and Updates • December 30, 2019

What you don’t know can, in fact, hurt you. In particular, if you are not taking an active role in ensuring that your HVAC system is regularly inspected and maintained, you might inadvertently be allowing a variety of health contaminants to swirl throughout the air in your home. That being said, not everybody knows what to look for when they’re...


How Your Christmas Tree May Be Affecting Your Indoor Air Quality

Category: News and Updates • December 17, 2019

Last year alone, the National Christmas Tree Association reported that nearly 60 million Christmas trees were purchased in the United States, with approximately 23.6 million of those trees being artificial in origin and 32.8 million being real. And Americans, of course, will have a variety of reasons for swinging one way or another regarding their Christmas tree purchases, be it...

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