The Radium Girls and How They Made A Difference in Workplace Health and Safety

Category: News and Updates • March 15, 2023

The story of the Radium Girls is important in understanding current labor laws and regulations. The bravery of these women forever changed how we work — and its effects are still being felt to this day. With their fortitude, they helped set an example that it’s possible to make a difference when it comes to protecting ourselves while on the...


How to Ensure Your Renovation or Demolition Project is Permitted in Jacksonville, FL with An Asbestos Survey

Category: News,News and Updates • March 5, 2023

Are you planning a renovation or demolition project within the boundaries of the City of Jacksonville? If so, then you need to be aware of the importance of asbestos testing and how it relates to the permitting process. To ensure that the project is done safely, city officials require an asbestos survey before they will issue a permit. Otherwise, you...


Women’s History Month: Remembering the Life and Achievements of Marie Curie

Category: News,News and Updates • March 1, 2023

March is a special month to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of powerful women in history. This Women’s History Month, let us take the time to commemorate Marie Curie, an inspirational woman who revolutionized our understanding of science, advocated for education equality, and achieved greatness in her life that we can still learn from today. A two-time Nobel laureate with...


The Matter of Money: All You Need to Know About Asbestos Survey Costs

Category: News,News and Updates • February 27, 2023

Asbestos surveying is an essential part of any building’s maintenance plan. Not only can asbestos cause potential health risks if left undetected, but the cost of not testing for asbestos can be much higher than the cost of testing in the long run. In short, it’s something worth investing in if you have a repair, renovation, or demolition project on...


The Dangers of Not Testing for Asbestos: Why You Need a Qualified Professional

Category: News,News and Updates • February 7, 2023

Asbestos exposure during property remodeling or demolition is shockingly common, and negligent contractors or homeowners can put themselves and their families at risk of serious health consequences. By taking the steps to properly assess a property for asbestos and selecting only qualified professionals, you can ensure that your home or business is safe from any hazardous materials. Here’s what you’ll...