Does My Commercial Building Have Asbestos?

Category: News,News and Updates • June 12, 2022

When you own a commercial property, you have more to be concerned about than just when you’ll receive money from tenants or when you’ll pay your employees. Rather, you need to remain committed to everyone’s health and safety. Particularly if you’re undergoing a renovation, repairing damage, or even preparing to put the building itself on the market, you need to...


Asbestos Testing and the Real Estate Market: What Do You Need to Know?

Category: News,News and Updates • June 10, 2022

When it comes to the real estate market, you know that you always need to stop to read the fine print. But how often have you stopped to think about the fine fibers? Specifically, you’ll want to know if you have asbestos in the property you’re about to sell. After all, asbestos is not banned in the U.S. and continues...


Answering Your Top 3 Questions About Asbestos Certification

Category: News,News and Updates • May 23, 2022

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the industry or simply a customer looking to brush up on a little background knowledge; when it comes to understanding what certification is and why it matters, it can be difficult to parse through the jargon on paper. Luckily, you don’t have to — because we’re here to break it down for you....


When You Can’t Breathe Easy At Home: Where Asbestos May Be Lurking

Category: News • May 7, 2022

We have no doubt you’ve heard of asbestos. Widely regarded as a silent villain that hides deep within the recesses of your walls, it’s often characterized as simply lying in wait to cause health complications in those unfortunate enough to be in its presence. And… this is sort of true. Really, asbestos only becomes dangerous when it becomes fragile and...


Preparing for Post-Abatement Clearance Testing: Your Property, Our Answers

Category: News • April 29, 2022

Congratulations, you’ve already tackled the worst of it: You received the news of asbestos on your property. Since then, you’ve likely proceeded with caution, done your research, and hired a reputable professional to complete the asbestos abatement process for you in a manner that is both safe and efficient. But… what comes next? How do you know for sure that...