Through the Fire and Flames: The Truth About Asbestos and House Fires

Category: News • February 15, 2022

As the cold persists, homeowners are more and more likely to rely upon unsafe warming practices for their property. From using extension cords with heat-producing appliances to keeping flammable objects — like blankets or furniture — too close to sources of heat and more, the bottom line is that winter-time house fires are all too common. What’s more, these emergency...


Where Air Quality and Cryptocurrency Collide: Introducing LuceCoin

Category: News and Updates • February 3, 2022

We won’t waste too much time waxing poetic with an introductory paragraph to something you’re likely already familiar with: cryptocurrency. But if you’ve been wondering why, exactly, you’ve seen specific cryptocurrencies in the news again — or why our team has a particular interest in the topic — allow us to shed some light on the digital dynamics of the...


Mother Nature’s Mold Spores: When to Keep an Eye on Outdoor Mold

Category: News • January 21, 2022

No matter the season, outdoor allergens are always ready and waiting to tickle our noses and disrupt our sense of comfort. And mold spores are no different. But while you may able to stave off certain particle-related reactions by taking an allergy pill in the morning, your property can’t quite say the same for when mold spores invade its airborne...


Comprehensively Clean: Top 5 Spring Cleaning Spots to Check for Mold Growth

Category: News • January 2, 2022

As the world awakens to spring, you awaken to… yet another allergy attack. Between increased pet dander, the return of seasonal pollen counts, and generalized airborne particles, it’s no wonder that many opt to indulge in the annual tradition that is spring cleaning. And if mold growth emerges as one of your cleaning concerns — or even if it has...


A Calendar Countdown: Is There a Hurry on HVAC Health?

Category: News and Updates • December 12, 2021

The end of one year and the consequential start of another always keeps us looking at the calendars. From advent calendars to doctor’s appointments, school schedules, and more, routine maintenance reemerges in our minds come December. But have those thoughts extended to your HVAC system? “An air conditioner’s filters, coils, and fins require regular maintenance for the unit to function...

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